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Terms and Conditions
Our agreement to you and yours to us

These terms and conditions govern the basis on which we agree to provide childcare services to you.


1.1 inform you as soon as possible whether your application for a nursery place has been successful. You must confirm within one week of receiving notification that you still wish to take up the nursery place. If you do not, the place may be withdrawn;

1.2 try and accommodate any requests you may make for any additional sessions of childcare at the nursery;

1.3 notify you as soon as possible of any days on which your child's nursery will be closed


2.1 immediately inform us if your child is suffering from any contagious disease. For the benefit of the other children in the nursery, you must not allow your child to attend the nursery if they are suffering from a contagious disease which could easily be passed on to another child during normal daily activities of the nursery

2.2 immediately inform us of any changes to your contact details

2.3 keep us informed as to the identity of the persons who will be collecting your child from our nursery . If the person collecting your child is not usually responsible for collecting them we will require proof of identity or password. If we are not reasonably satisfied that an individual is allowed to collect your child, we will not release your child into their care

2.4 inform us if your child is the subject of a court order and provide us with a copy of such order on request

2.5 immediately inform us if you are unable to collect your child from nursery by the official collection time

2.6 inform us as far in advance as possible of any dates on which your child will not be attending the nursery

2.7 provide us with at least 1 month's notice of your intention to decrease the number of hours your child spends at the nursery or to withdraw your child from our nursery and end this Agreement. If insufficient notice is given you will be responsible for the full fees for your child for 1 month from the date of any change as if their hours had not decreased


3.1 Monthly fees are payable by the 1st of every month in advance.

3.2 If you fail to make payment in full by the due date we will enforce a late payment charge of £50.00

3.3 No refund will be given for periods where your child's nursery place is unfilled due to illness or holidays. Where nurseries are closed on bank holidays; no refund will be given for this closure


4.1 You may end this Agreement, giving us at least 1 month's notice. (agreements can not be ended midterm)

4.2 We may immediately end this Agreement if:

4.2.1 you have failed to pay your fees

4.2.2 you have breached any of your obligations under this Agreement and you have not or cannot put right that breach within a reasonable period of time of us asking you to

4.2.3 you behave unacceptably, as we will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse towards staff

4.2.4 your child's behaviour is unacceptable or endangers the safety and well being of any of the other children at the nursery 4.2.5 we take the decision to close your child's nursery. We will give you as much notice as possible of such a decision

4.3 You may immediately end this Agreement if:

4.3.1 we have breached any of our obligations under this Agreement and we have not or cannot put right that breach within a reasonable period after you have drawn it to our attention


5.1 We have an obligation to report any instances where we consider that a child may have been neglected or abused to the relevant authorities. We may do so without your consent and/or without informing you.

5.2 If the nursery that your child attends has to close or we take the decision to close due to events or circumstances which are outside of our control, we shall be under no obligation to provide alternative childcare facilities to you. 

5.3 If you have any concerns regarding the services we provide, please discuss these with your child's key person. If these concerns have not been resolved to your satisfaction please contact the Nursery Manager. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us

5.4 We offer a wide range of toys and equipment at our nursery. Unless we specifically request otherwise your child should not bring any of their own toys to nursery . If they do bring toys with them, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to those toys.

5.6 As the number of children with nut allergies is increasing, with the support of parents we aim to keep the facility NUT FREE. Parents are requested not to send food or empty food packaging into the nursery

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